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Renowned Speakers

Huseyin Isildak

Huseyin Isildak

Director of Otology and Neurotology The Pennsylvania State University USA

Nassilevsky Pavel Alexandrovich

Nassilevsky Pavel Alexandrovich

Assistant of the Oncology Department of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency Russia

Sue Ann Lee

Sue Ann Lee

Associate Professor Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) USA

Jeffson Chung

Jeffson Chung

Assistant Professor West Virginia University USA

Jesus E Medina

Jesus E Medina

Professor and Chairman University of Oklahoma USA

Lee Akst

Lee Akst

Director Johns Hopkins voice Center USA

Rodney J. Taylor

Rodney J. Taylor

Associate Professor University of Maryland School of Medicine USA

Eileen Margolies Raynor

Eileen Margolies Raynor

Associate Professor Duke University USA

Head & Neck Surgery 2017

About conference

Head and Neck Surgery 2017

Conference Series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend "5th Global Summit and Medicare Expo on Head & Neck Surgery" which is going to be held during June 19-20, 2017 at Philadelphia, USA. The theme for the conference is “Leading-edge research and In-sights of Head and Neck Surgery”. It is two days event addressing the major issues in Head & Neck Surgery. This conference will include prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Head & Neck Surgery 2017 is the area of medicine that deals with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat region, and related areas of the head and neck. Patients seek treatment from Head and Neck Surgeons for diseases of the ear, nose, or throat and for the management of cancers of the head and neck and pediatrics. This conference will witness a conglomeration of various arenas in Head and Neck Surgery and as it involves a vast range of medical streams within it, this conference will be an excellent platform for interdisciplinary interactions, to exchange and share knowledge under a single roof. Conference Series LLC organizes a conference series of 1000+ Global Events inclusive of 300+ Conferences, 500+ Upcoming and Previous Symposiums and Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 700+ Open access journals which contains over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Why to attend???

In today's economic climate your business decisions are as crucial as ever. 5th International Conference on Head & Neck Surgery allows you to maximize your time and marketing dollars while receiving immediate feedback on your new products and services. 5th International Conference on Head & Neck Surgery is organizing an outstanding Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world's leading specialists involved in Head & Neck Surgery. Your organization will benefit with excellent exposure to the leaders in Otolaryngologist & E.N.T. Head & Neck Surgery-2017 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the new technology, the new products of your company, and/or the service your industry may offer to a broad international audience.

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Target Audience:

·          Otolaryngology Surgeons & Audiologist’s, Students, Scientists

·           Otolaryngology Researchers

·           Otolaryngology & Audiology Faculty

·           Medical Colleges

·           Otolaryngology Associations and Societies

·           Business Entrepreneurs

·           Training Institutes

·           Software developing companies

·           Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies

·           Data Management Companies


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Sessions/ Tracks

Conference Series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend "5th Global Summit and Medicare Expo on Head & Neck Surgery". The theme Leading-edge research and In-sights of Head and Neck Surgery” and it features a two days conference addressing the major issues in Head & Neck Surgery. The conference will be held during June 19-20, 2017 at Philladelphia, USA. Which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions, The scientific-program is a rich mix of formats ranging from keynote sessions featuring many well-known and thought provoking speakers to intense and highly interactive discussion sessions

Head and Neck Surgery 201conference aims in gathering renowned Surgeons, Scientists, Researchers, Otolaryngologists, Doctors, Professors, Students, Otolaryngology business associates, CEO’s and other members of the Head and Neck team from across the globe Being a world class expert capable of providing deep insights into the latest developments in the field of Otology, Rhinology, Audiology, Surgery and Laryngology.

Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer is a cancer that starts in the lip, oral cavity, nasal cavity, sinuses, pharynx, and larynx. Cancers that are known collectively as head and neck cancers usually begin in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the head and neck for example, inside the mouth, the nose, and the throat. These squamous cell cancers are often referred to as squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. Head and neck cancers can also begin in the salivary glands, but salivary gland cancers are relatively uncommon. Salivary glands contain many different types of cells that can become cancerous, so there are many different types of salivary gland cancer.

Head and neck cancer is strongly associated with certain environmental and lifestyle risk factors, including tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, UV light, particular chemicals used in certain workplaces, and certain strains of viruses, such as human papillomavirus. These cancers are frequently aggressive in their biologic behaviour; patients with these types of cancer are at a higher risk of developing another cancer in the head and neck area. Head and neck cancer is highly curable if detected early, usually through surgery, but radiation therapy may also play an important role, while chemotherapy is often ineffective.

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Radiology and Diagnostics

All X-ray imaging is based on the absorption of x rays as they pass through the different parts of a patient's body. Depending on the amount absorbed in a particular tissue such as muscle or lung, a different amount of x rays will pass through and exit the body.  Computed tomography imaging, also known as "CAT scanning" Computerized Axial Tomography, provides a different form of imaging known as cross-sectional imaging. There are many causes of tinnitus. One of the most common causes of tinnitus is exposure to excessively loud sounds. If you are suffering from tinnitus it is important to contact an audiologist, otologist orotolaryngologist for an examination as soon as possible. CS 9300 is an affordable way for radiology facilities to expand their ENT and dental services and increase productivity. This is because the system can be used for a variety of ENT and dental applications including sinus and temporal bone; maxillofacial; dental implantology; oral surgery; orthodontics; periodontics; and endodontic. The CS 9300 also offers a cost-effective way to offload ENT and dental CT exams from capacity-constrained, conventional CT units.

Related Conferences: International Conference on Medical Imaging and Diagnosis , May 09-10, 2016  USA; 5th International Conference on Radiology and Imaging ,Sept 19-20, 2016 USA; 4th Global Radiologists Meeting  Annual Meeting, March 17-18, 2016 UK; International Conference on Radiography, November 17-18, 2016 UAE; Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy ,July 14-15, 2016 Germany; European Society of Urogenital Radiology ,16 -19 Sep 2015,Denmark; 28th European Society of Head and Neck Radiology, 24 -26 Sep 2015,Poland; American College of Radiology-Dartmouth PET/CT, Sept14-16, 2015,USA; NationalDiagnostic Imaging Symposium 2015,06 -10 Dec 2015,USA; Radiology, 24 -30 Apr 2016,Shanghai, China.

Surgical Approaches in Head and Neck Surgery

Surgical approaches in head and neck surgery is endoscopic end nasal surgery is a minimally invasive technique that allows a surgeon to go through the nose to correct problems or remove a tumour in various areas of the brain and the top of the spine. A thin tube called an endoscope is threaded through your nose and sinuses, giving your surgeon access to parts of your brain that would be difficult to reach using traditional surgical approaches. Those techniques are more complicated and require large incisions and removal of parts of the skull. With the endoscopic end nasal approach, your recovery is often quicker and less painful.

Thyroid surgery is used to treat thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, and hyperthyroidism. During this procedure, part or all of the thyroid gland  is removed.

Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which each tonsil is removed from a recess in the side of the pharynx called the tonsillar fossa. The procedure is performed in response to repeated occurrence of acute tonsillitissleep surgery for obstructive sleep apnea, nasal airway obstruction, diphtheria carrier state, snoring, or peritonsillar abscess. For children, the adenoids also known as a pharyngeal tonsil or nasopharyngeal tonsil are usually removed at the same time, a procedure called adenoidectomy, or tonsilloadenoidectomy when combined. Adenoidectomy is uncommon in adults in whom the adenoids are usually vestigial. The Division of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology offer patients comprehensive and collaborative care for a multitude of head and neck cancers. The expert surgeons within the Division of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology are a part of the multidisciplinary team specifically assembled to optimize patient outcomes.

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Pediatric Head and Neck Surgery

Caustic ingestion and corrosives cause tissue injury by a chemical reaction. The vast majority of caustic chemicals are acidic or alkaline substances that damage tissue by accepting a proton alkaline substance or donating a proton acidic substance in an aqueous solution.

Cleft lip and cleft palate, also known as orofacial cleft and cleft lip and palate, is a group of conditions that includes cleft lip, cleft palate, and both together. A cleft lip contains an opening in the upper lip that may extend into the nose. The opening may be on one side, both sides, or in the middle. A cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth contains an opening into the nose. These disorders can result in feeding problems, speech problems, hearing problems, and frequent ear infections. Less than half the time the condition is associated with other disorders.

Cleft lip and palate is due tissues of the face not properly joining together during development. They are a type of birth defect. The cause in most cases is unknown. Risk factors include smoking during pregnancy, diabetes, an older mother, obesity, and certain medications such as some used to treat seizures. They can often be diagnosed during an ultrasound done during pregnancy.

Any kind of early hearing loss can be a serious problem. It can affect language development, which experts believe is built during the early months and years of life. If diagnosed and treated quickly, hearing problems in babies and children can be stopped before they lead to any language problems.

Velopharyngeal inadequacy  is a malfunction of a velopharyngeal mechanism.The velopharyngeal mechanism is responsible for directing the transmission of sound energy and air pressure in both the oral cavity and the nasal cavity. When this mechanism is impaired in some way, the valve does not fully close, and a condition known as 'velopharyngeal inadequacy' can develop. VPI can either be congenital or acquired later in life.

Pediatric Obstructive sleep apnea in children has emerged not only as a relatively prevalent condition but also as a disease that imposes a large array of morbidities, some of which may have long-term implications, well into adulthood. The major consequences of pediatric OSA involve neurobehavioral, cardiovascular, and endocrine and metabolic systems. 

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Brain Disorders

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes and Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system mainly affecting the motor system. The motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease result from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the substantial nigra, a region of the midbrain. Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damaging disorders associated with diabetes mellitus. These conditions are thought to result from diabetic micro vascular injury involving small blood vessels that supply nerves' in addition to macro vascular conditions that can culminate in diabetic neuropathy. Relatively common conditions which may be associated with diabetic neuropathy include third nerve palsy mononeuropathy.

Intracranial hypertension is the pressure inside the skull and thus in the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid. The body has various mechanisms by which it keeps the ICP stable, with CSF pressures varying by about 1 mmHg in normal adults through shifts in production and absorption of CSF. Intracranial hypertension, commonly abbreviated IH, IICP or raised ICP, is elevation of the pressure in the cranium. ICP is normally 7–15 mm Hg; at 20–25 mm Hg, the upper limit of normal, treatment to reduce ICP may be needed. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed as it travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel and causes pain, numbness and, in the part of the hand that receives sensation from the median nerve.

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In Neurotology Cranioplasty is performed to correct a deformity or defect of the skull. The deformity/defect could be congenital, as a result of trauma or acquired for example after a previous surgery involving the skull. A craniotomy is the most commonly performed surgery for brain tumour removal. It also may be done to remove a blood clot hematoma, to control hemorrhage from a weak, leaking blood vessel cerebral aneurysm, to repair arteriovenous malformations abnormal connections of blood vessels, to drain a brain abscess, to relieve pressure inside the skull, to perform a biopsy, or to inspect the brain.

Stereotactic radiosurgery, known for efficacy in the noninvasive treatment of tumors or arteriovenous malformations that are otherwise difficult to access through traditional surgery, is an emerging technology in the treatment of focal epileptic lesions. Recent studies in the treatment of hypothalamic hamartoma and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy further suggest that seizures in these medically intractable syndromes remit at clinically significant rates with stereotactic radiosurgery.

The skull is composed of bones and cartilage that form the face and the cranium, which surrounds the brain. You can feel the bones of the cranium on top of the skull. The five bones that form the bottom, or skull base surgery, of the cranium also form the eye socket, roof of the nasal cavity, 

Skull base surgery may be done to remove both benign and cancerous growths, and abnormalities on the underside of the brain, the skull base, or the top few vertebrae of the spinal column. Because this is such a difficult area to see and reach, skull base surgery may be done by a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure in which instruments are inserted through the natural openings in the skull the nose or mouth or by making a small hole just above the eyebrow. This provides care for children with tumors pediatric neurosurgery, spinal and cranial deformities, vascular malformations, spasticity and epilepsy, and peripheral nerve disorders, and has gained international recognition for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury. 

The advent of brain imaging revolutionized the field, allowing researchers to directly monitor the brain’s activities during experiments. A Neuro technological advance has made significant impact on society. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used for scanning the brain for topological and landmark structure in the brain. Computer Tomography is another technology used for scanning the brain. Using an X-ray, researchers can detect radioactive markers in the brain that indicate brain activation as a tool to establish relationships in the brain as well as detect many injuries/diseases that can cause lasting damage to the brain such as aneurysms, degeneration, and cancer. Positron emission tomography is another imaging technology that aids researchers. Instead of using magnetic resonance or X-rays, PET scans rely on positron emitting markers that are bound to a biologically relevant marker such as glucose. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is essentially direct magnetic stimulation to the brain.

Related Conferences: International Conference on Neuro Genetics , June 06-07, 2016  UK; 5th World Congress on Neurology andTherapeutics , March 14-16, 2016  UK; 2nd International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Stroke ,April 28-30, 2016 UAE; International Conference on Neuroimaging and Interventional Radiology  June 13-15, 2016  Italy ; 4th International Conference on Pediatrics ,March 29-31, 2016, USA; Neurological Disorder Summit, July 06-08 2015, USA; International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics, 24 - 26 August 2015, UK; 10th Brain Research Conference RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease, October 15-16, 2015,USA; 9th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development Conference, 09 Sep - 09 Oct 2015, USA; International Symposium on Pediatric Surgical Research, Sept 24 - 26 2015, Ireland.


Ototoxicity is the property of being toxic to the ear, specifically the cochlea or auditory nerve and sometimes the vestibular system; it is commonly medication-induced.

Deaf blindness is a combination of sight and hearing loss that affects a person’s ability to communicate, to access all kinds of information, and to get around. Deaf blindness is not just a deaf person who cannot see, or a blind person who cannot hear. The two impairments together increase the effects of each. People of all ages can have a sight or hearing impairment. It may have been from birth, or due to deterioration later in life. But most deaf blind people have some vision and hearing.

According to the American Academy of Audiology, one in three people over the age of 60 experience   some type of age-related hearing loss. In people over the age of 85, this number increases to one in two. Age-related hearing loss is also known aspresbycusis. Although age-related hearing loss is not a life-threatening condition, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life if left untreated.

Hyperacusus is a health condition characterized by over-sensitivity to certain frequency and volume ranges of sound, a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound. A person with severe hyperacusis has difficulty tolerating everyday sounds, some of which may seem unpleasantly or painfully loud to that person but not to others. It can be acquired as a result of damage sustained to the hearing apparatus, or inner ear. There is speculation that the efferent portion of the auditory nerve has been affected, efferent meaning fibers that originate in the brain which serve to regulate sounds. This theory suggests that the efferent fibers of the auditory nerve are selectively damaged, while the hair cells that allow the hearing of pure tones in an audiometric evaluation remain intact.

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Laryngology is that branch of medicine which deals with disorders, diseases and injuries of the vocal apparatus, especially the larynx. Common conditions addressed by laryngologists include vocal fold nodules and cystslaryngeal cancerspasmodic dysphonia, laryngopharyngeal reflux, papilloma’s, and voice misuse/abuse/overuse syndromes.

The removal of the tracheostomy tube is called Dec annulation. When the initial medical conditions that required a child to have a tracheostomy have resolved, a micro laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy must be done to make certain that the child's entire airway from nasopharynx down to lungs is adequately open and unobstructed. The ENT surgery team looks for two of the more common conditions found in children with long-term tracheostomies.

Waldeyer's ring also pharyngeal lymphoid ring or Waldeyer's lymphatic ring is an anatomical term collectively describing the annular arrangement of lymphoid tissue in the pharynx.

Related Conferences: 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Rhinology and Otology April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE; Specialists Meeting on Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders , Nov 03-05, 2016 Valencia, Spain ; International Conference on Neuroimaging and Interventional Radiology ,June 13-15, 2016  Italy; International Conference and Exhibition on Plastic andReconstructive Surgery, October 03-05, 2016  USA; 5th World Congress on Neurology and Therapeutics , March 14-16, 2016  UK; American Association for Cancer Research, April 18 - 22, 2015, Pennsylvania; 2016 World Cancer Congress Paris from 31 Oct - 3 Nov; CANCER OF UNKNOWN PRIMARY FOUNDATION, 24 Sep 2015, London; 10th Brain Research Conference RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease, October 15-16, 2015 USA; 9th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development Conference,09 Sep - Oct 2015,USA.

Communication Disorders

Aphasia  "speechlessness" A requirement for a diagnosis of aphasia is that, prior to the illness or injury, the person's language skills were normal for developmental language disorders, specific language impairment. The difficulties of people with aphasia can range from occasional trouble finding words to losing the ability to speak, read, or write, but does not affect intelligence. This also affects visual language such as sign language. The term "aphasia" implies a problem with one or more functions that are essential and specific to language function. It is not usually used when the language problem is a result of a more peripheral motor or sensory difficulty, such as paralysis affecting the speech muscles or a general hearing impairment.

Dyscalculia can occur in people from across the whole IQ range, often, but not always, involving difficulties with time, measurement, and spatial reasoning. Estimates of the prevalence of dyscalculia range between 3 and 6% of the population. A quarter of children with dyscalculia have ADHD.

Mathematical disabilities can occur as the result of some types of brain injury, in which case the proper term is a calculia, to distinguish it from dyscalculia which is of innate, genetic or developmental origin.

Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury of the motor component of the motor-speech system and is characterized by poor articulation of phonemes a disorder of the content of language. In other words, it is a condition in which problems effectively occur with the muscles that help produce speech, often making it very difficult to pronounce words. It is unrelated to any problem with understanding cognitive language. Any of the speech subsystems.

Speech sound disorders are speech disorders in which some speech sounds in a child's or, sometimes, an adult's native language are either not produced, not produced correctly, or are not used correctly.

The autism spectrum or autistic spectrum describes a range of conditions classified as neuro developmental disorders in the fifth revision of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders These disorders are characterized by social deficits and communication difficulties, stereotyped or repetitive behaviors and interests, sensory issues, and in some cases, cognitive delays.

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Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

Trigonocephaly is a congenital condition of premature fusion of the metopic suture leading to a triangular shaped forehead. The merging of the two frontal bones leads to transverse growth restriction and parallel growth expansion. It may occur syndromic involving other abnormalities or isolated.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is surgery to treat many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral mouth and Maxillofacial jaws and face region. It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty. In most countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and Australia, it is a recognized specialty of dentistry; in others, such as the UK, it is recognized as a medical specialty.

A cosmetic surgical operation is used to remove unwanted wrinkles by tightening the skin of the face. A procedure carried out to improve the appearance of something.

Scalp reconstruction is a surgical procedure for people with scalp defects. Scalp defects may be partial or full thickness and can be congenital or acquired. Because not all layers of the scalp are elastic and the scalp has a convex shape, the use of primary closure is limited. Sometimes the easiest way of closing the wound may not be the ideal or best way. The choice for a reconstruction depends on multiple factors, such as the defect itself, the patient characteristics and surgeon preference.

Rhino plastic surgery is a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the form, restoring the functions, and aesthetically enhancing the nose, by resolving nasal trauma, respiratory impediment, or a failed primary rhinoplasty. In the surgeries  closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty  an otolaryngologist , a maxillofacial surgeon , or a plastic surgeon creates a functional, aesthetic, and facially proportionate nose by separating the nasal skin and the soft tissues from the Osseo-cartilaginous nasal framework, correcting them as required for form and function, suturing the incisions, and applying either a package or a stent, or both, to immobilize the corrected nose to ensure the proper healing of the surgical incision.

.Blepharochalasis is an inflammation of the eyelid that is characterized by exacerbations and remissions of eyelidedema, which results in a stretching and subsequent atrophy of the eyelid tissue, leading to the formation of redundant folds over the lid margins. It typically affects only the upper eyelids, and may be unilateral as well as bilateral.

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Anesthesia and Pain Relief

Anesthesia for pain-relieving medications that are injected into a vein or muscle will help to relief pain but may not eliminate it completely. These medications are usually prescribed by your surgeon.

Other pain-relieving medications may be injected into the surgical incision by your surgeon. These medications are local anesthetics. They provide numbness or loss of sensation in a small area.

 Regional blocks can reduce the pain after surgery and can provide either analgesia or anesthesia. Local anesthetics and other drugs are used for these procedures to reduce or "block" pain and other sensation over a wider region of the body.

Anesthesia for micro laryngeal surgery creates many obstacles for the anesthesiologist and otolaryngologist A new subglottic jet ventilation anesthesia system is introduced that meets the needs of the otolaryngologist and the anesthesiologist. This new system is made up of two components the Hunsaker Mon-Jet tube is a laser-safe, subglottic jet ventilation tube constructed of a nonflammable fluoroplastic material.

ENT surgery has a variety of major and minor surgeries including laser and endoscopic surgeries performed under both local and general anesthesia Local Anesthesia in ENT Local anesthesia is commonly used for Ear surgeries like tympanoplasty, stapedectomy, auroplasty and ossiculoplasty, Nasal surgeries like submucous section, septoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery FESS. Oral surgeries like tonsillectomy in adults, oral biopsies etc. The General anesthesia in ENT is like major surgeries are done using general anaesthesia using a cuffed endotracheal tube with throat packing.Common surgeries performed under general anaesthesia.

Regional anaesthesia ensures middle ear surgery may be performed safely, effectively and efficiently in this resource limited environment. With only a 1-2% conversion to general anaesthesia, associated risks of general anaesthesia are significantly reduced. All patients who had facial nerve palsy made full recovery within 24 hours. Both surgeons and patients were happy with the experience and the results.

Tonsillectomy is one of the most frequently performed surgical operations in children. The tonsils and adenoids are lymphoid tissues forming part of the Waldeyer's ring encircling the pharynx. They appear in the second year of life, are largest between 4 and 7 yrs. of age and then regress. 

Anesthetics techniques for thoracic surgery are little different from those used in other forms of major surgery. Anaesthesia is induced intravenously and endobronchial intubation is performed following the administration of a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drug. The depolarizing agent suxamethonium is indicated, however, if a difficult laryngeal intubation is likely, or if another airway problem, such as a bronchopleural fistula, is present. Maintenance of anaesthesia is usually with an inhalational agent such as isoflurane, combined with an intravenous opioid, but it is equally acceptable to use a total intravenous technique.

The mechanism is not completely understood but there are a variety of contributing factors. Some of the individual predisposing factors include: diabetesobesity, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, and a narrow-diameter carpal tunnel

Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder is a communication disorder in which both the receptive and expressive areas of communication may be affected in any degree, from mild to severe.

If someone is being assessed on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, for instance, this may show up in relatively low scores for Information, Vocabulary and Comprehension .If the person has difficulty with spatial concepts, such as 'over', 'under', 'here' and 'there', he or she may have arithmetic difficulties, have difficulty understanding word problems and instructions, or have difficulties using words.

The term stuttering is most commonly associated with involuntary sound repetition, but it also encompasses the abnormal hesitation or pausing before speech, referred to by people who stutter as blocks, and the prolongation of certain sounds, usually vowels or semivowels. For many people who stutter, repetition is the primary problem. The term "stuttering" covers a wide range of severity, encompassing barely perceptible impediments that are largely cosmetic to severe symptoms that effectively prevent oral communication. In the world, approximately four times as many men as women stutter, encompassing 70 million people worldwide.

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Recent Advance in Head and Neck Surgery

Head and neck cancer is strongly associated with certain environmental and lifestyle risk factors, including tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, UV light, particular chemicals used in certain workplaces, and certain strains of viruses, such as human papillomavirus. These cancers are frequently aggressive in their biologic behavior; patients with these types of cancer are at a higher risk of developing another cancer in the head and neck area. Head and neck cancer is highly curable if detected early, usually through surgery, but radiation therapy may also play an important role, while chemotherapy is often ineffective.

Head and neck surgery is the sixth leading cancer by incidence worldwide and eighth by death. There are 0.5 million new cases a year worldwide. Two-thirds occur in industrialized nations. Head and neck surgery usually develops in males in the 6th and 7th decade. The five-year survival rate of patients with HNSCC is about 40-50%.Also can lead to death sometimes.

Related Conferences: 4th International Conference on Pediatrics,  March 29-31, 2016, USA; 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Cardiology September 22-24, 2016  USA ; Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conference March 29-31, 2016  , USA; International Conference on Pediatric Dermatology October 10-12, 2016 Manchester, UK; International Conference and Exhibition on Pediatric Oncology ,August 04-06, 2016 Toronto, Canada; French society of Pediatric Surgery 72ND Congress 2015,SEPT 16-18, 2015, France; Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgeons, Sept 17 - 19 2015, Canada; International Symposium on Pediatric Surgical Research, Sept 24 - 26 2015, Ireland ; American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Surgery, October 24-27, 2015, USA; Pediatric Colorectal Problems Workshop, Nov 04 - 06 2015, United States.


Market Analysis Report

Head and Neck Surgery 2017

(Theme:  Leading-edge research and In-sights of Head and Neck Surgery)

 “Otolaryngology is the area of medical sciences that get handle on conditions and disorders of the ear, nose and throat region, and other related areas of the head and neck. Doctors who practice exclusively in this area are called otolaryngologists, ENT doctors or head and neck surgeons. This conference will be an assortment of various arenas of Head and Neck Surgery and as it comprises a vast range of medical streams, this conference will be a great platform for multidisciplinary interactions, to share and exchange knowledge under a single roof.

The organizing committee is organizing an exciting and informative conference program that will also include plenary lectures, workshops, symposia on various topics, poster presentations and various other programs for participants from all over the world. We are gladly inviting you to join us at the Head & Neck Surgery -2017, where you will have a worthwhile experience with scholars from around the world. All the members of Head & Neck Surgery -2017 organizing committee look forward to meeting you in Philadephia, USA.

For more details please visit:

Why Philadephia?

Head & Neck Surgery -2017 is going to be held in Philadephia, it is the fifth most populated city in the USA. From the Reading Terminal Market to Philly’s iconic historical landmarks like The Liberty Bell Center and the National Constitution Center, Philadelphia’s top attractions get a lot of attention.
The most customarily visited attraction in Philadelphia is a foodie paradise i.e., Reading Terminal Market, Independence National Historical Park (INHP), Liberty Bell, Longwood Gardens.

Philadelphia has an enormous variety of holiday accommodation to choose from and differentiate with from leading five star hotels to budget motels. Head & Neck Surgery -2017 Conference at Philadelphia will certainly give a marvellous experience to attendees to explore the beautiful city alongwith expanding knowledge.

Conference Highlights:

Track 1: Advancement of surgical and non-surgical techniques in otolaryngology

Track 2: Ear disorders and their treatments

Track 3: Nasal disorders and their treatmaents

Track 4: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Track 5: Head, Neck and Oral Oncology

Track 6: Anesthesia and Pain Relief in ENT Surgery

Track 7: Pediatric Otolaryngology

Track 8: Neurotology

Track 9: Laryngology

Track 10: Anatomical and Physiological Disorders of Nose and Ear

Track 11: ENT Infectious Diseases and their cure

Track 12: Implant Applications

Track 20: Head, Neck and Oral Oncology

Track 21: Anesthesia and Pain Relief in ENT Surgery

Why to attend???

In today's economic status your business decisions are as pivotal as ever. 5th International Conference on Head & Neck Surgery enables you to expand your time and marketing dollars while receiving feedback on your new products and services at the moment. 5th International Conference on Head & Neck Surgery is organizing a great Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world's preeminent specialists involved in Head & Neck Surgery. Head & Neck Surgery-2017 is an exciting opportunity to globalize the new technology, the new products of your company, and the services your industry can offer to a broad international audience.

Importance & Scope:

Head & Neck Surgery -2017 is expected to offer an exciting opportunity for the doctors, scientists, phd scholars, students and business delegates with its well formulated scientific program covering every possible detail about Otolaryngology and its related topics, from the primary causes behind  diseases to the latest approaches in diagnostic and treatment of various diseases related to otolaryngology and ENT.

This international event is an attempt to find a weapon against different chronic disorders like Thyroid cancer, Hearing loss, Sinusitis, Squamous cell carcinoma, Rhinoplasty and septoplasty.

Conference Series LLC  has a magnified and highlighted features of scientific associations and alliances with development agencies, leading research organizations, non-government organizations, Institutes, and other organizations to promote the development-oriented research  globally  through live streaming, B2B and Meetings. Conference Series LLC provides an outstanding opportunity for the budding scientists and young researchers through its exclusive initiatives like Young Researcher Forum, Poster Presentation and E-poster. 

A Unique Opportunity for Sponsers and advertisers at this International event:

Target Audience:

Otolaryngologist’s, Neurologists, Surgeons, Audiologists, E.N.T & Allergy Physicians, phd scholars, industrial professionals, Directors and student delegates from institutes and Research along with the professionals from biomedical companies and healthcare sectors.

Top Hospitals in USA

  •    Mayo Clinic
  •    Johns Hopkins Hospital
  •   Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian
  •   Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Massachusetts General Hospital
  •   University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  •   Cleveland Clinic
  •   UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  •   UCSF Medical Center
  •   University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  •   Mount Sinai Hospital

Major Associations Worldwide:

  •   Association Nationale des ORL en Formation, France
  •   Associazione Otorinolaringologi Ospedalieri Italiani
  •   Australian Society for Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  •   British Association of Audiological Scientists
  •   British Association of Head & Neck Oncologists
  •   British Association for Paediatric Otolaryngology
  •   British Society of Audiology
  •   Canadian Hearing Society
  •   Canadian Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  •   Dutch Association of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery
  •   European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology (EAONO)
  •   European Federation of Audiology Societies
  •   European Society of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
  •   German Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
  •   German Society of Phoniatrics & Pedaudiology
  •   Hungarian Oto-, Rhino-, Laryngological Society
  •   International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies [IFOS]
  •   International Society of Audiology
  •   Italian Academy of Rhinology
  •   New Zealand Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  •   Norsk Forening for Otorhinolaryngologi
  •   North American Society for Head and Neck Pathology
  •   ORL - France
  •   Osterreichische Gessellschaft fur Hals-, Nasen-, und Ohrenheilkunde
  •   Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  •   Sociedad Espanola de Otorrinolaringologia y Patologica Cervicofacial

Major Associations in USA

  •   American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery [AAFPRS]
  •   American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy
  •   American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery [AAO-HNS]
  •   American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery [ABFPRS]
  •   American Board of Otolaryngology [ABO]
  •   American Broncho-Esophagological Association
  •   American Head and Neck Society [AHNS]
  •   American Laryngological, Rhinological, and Otological Society, Inc. - Triological Society
  •   American Neurotology Society [ANS]
  •   American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  •   American Otological Society [AOS]
  •   American Rhinologic Society
  •   American Society for Head and Neck Surgery [ASHNS]
  •   American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology
  •   Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)
  •   Association of Otolaryngology Administrators
  •   Association for Research in Otolaryngology [ARO]
  •   Deafness Research Foundation
  •   Houston Society of Otolaryngology
  •   National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders [NIDCD]
  •   Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology
  •   Society for Physician Assistants in Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  •   Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses
  •   Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Nurses - Greater Houston Chapter

Major associations in Philadelphia

  •   Pennsylvania Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Philadelphia Ear, Nose and      Throat Associates
  •   Pinnacle ENT Associates
  •   Vernose and McGrath Associates
  •   National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association
  •   Ear Nose and Throat Associates of Paoli
  •   Bucks ENT Associates


  •   Intersect ENT
  •   Rajas Enterprises
  •   MFI Medical Equipment, Inc.
  •   Lifecare Medical Equipments Co., Ltd.
  •   Whittemore Enterprises Medical Equipment Center
  •   Aztec Medical Products
  •   Nicos Group Inc.
  •   MTI Medical Technology Industries, Inc
  •   Miami-med
  •   India mart
  •   Snoring devices
  •   JedMed ENT Equipment Products
  •   Bausch & Lomb Instruments
  •   ORSUPPLY ENT Equipment Products
  •   Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation

        Top Universities in USA:

  •  Emory University School of Medicine
  •   Loyola University
  •   University of Pennsylvania Health System
  •   Stanford University
  •   Harvard University
  •   University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Top Universities:

  •   Emory University School of Medicine
  •   Loyola University
  •   University of Pennsylvania Health System
  •   Stanford University
  •   Harvard University
  •   University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  •   Wayne State University
  •   University of Oxford
  •   University of Kentucky
  •   The University of Melbourne
  •   University of Glasgow
  •   Fudan University
  •   Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  •   The University of Tokyo
  •   Osaka University
  •   McMaster University

Glance at Market of Head and Neck Surgery:

The market of Head and Neck surgery has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.37% through to 2016, driven by upgradation in the various implant devices related to ENT and a rise in the number of acquisitions. According to a recent survey, the proportion of people suffering from the ENT infectious disease is expected to increase by 66.7% in future. Institutions working in the related studies have been funded with 225 Million Dollar worldwide. This is also analysed that ENT diseases worldwide will get double between 2012 and 2030. If we talk about current scenario, market value of Otolaryngology is $190 billion and it is expected to reach upto $500 billion by 2020.

Fund Allotment to Head and Neck Surgery:

  • This is analysed the more than 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with head and neck cancer annually and more specifically HPV-related head and neck cancer has become three times more common since 1970s. We are committed to find new ways to treat this disease.
  •  Hearing Health Foundation (formerly Deafness research Foundation) has become a national source of private funding to young and expertise researchers in hearing and balance science, awards grants up to $30,000 per year to conduct novel investigations
  •  The Ohio State University fund supports strategic initiatives in progressing head and neck cancer programs, directed by Dr. Ted Teknos.
  •  The South African Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery grants special funding for universities which includes registration, travel and accommodation for an individual registrar. The current allocation is R20,000 per University per annum.




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Past Conference Report

Head & Neck Surgery-2015

We would like to thank all of our wonderful speakers, conference attendees, students, associations and guests for making Head & Neck Surgery Conference a wonderful event!

Conference Series LLC 4th Global Summit and Medicare Expo on Head and Neck Surgery which was scheduled during November 28-30, 2016 at San Antonio, USA with the theme Advancement in Head and Neck Surgery"

The conference had several workshops, multiple sessions, Keynote presentations, panel discussions and Poster sessions. We received active participation from various surgeons, business practitioners, scientists, researchers, students and leaders from the fields of Head & Neck Surgery, Otolaryngology, Audiology and Business Professionals, who made this event successful.

Various sessions were carried out with multiple presentations from speakers all around the world. Major Sessions to be discussed were:

•          Anatomical and Physiological Disorders of Nose and Ear

•          Laryngology

•          Rhinitis and Rhinosinusitis - Types and Treatment

•          Sinusitis- Types and Treatment

•          Sinonasal Disorders and Surgical Treatment

•          Surgery for Nasal Disorders

•          Ear Disorders

•          Diseases of Middle and Inner ear

•          Tinnitus

•          Neurotology

•          Common Cold- Causes and Treatment

•          Hearing Impairment and Deafness- Causes and Treatment

•          Endoscopy, Diagnosis and Imaging Techniques

•          Surgical Approaches for Larynx in Adults and Pediatrics

•          Pediatric Otolaryngology

•          ENT Infectious Diseases

•          Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

•          Head, Neck and Oral Oncology

•          Anesthesia and pain relief in ENT surgery

The conference was initiated with a series of lectures delivered by both Honorable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The list includes:

Daniel Igor Branovan, Project Chernobyl, USA

Roya Azadarmaki, Metropolitan NeuroEar Group, USA

Xiaohong Chen, Beijing Tongren Hospital, China

Phani Kumar Kuchimanchi, Dr. Phani’s Dental Clinics, India

Ahmed Mehanna, Alexandria University, Egypt

Attia. M, Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel

Conference Series LLC offers its heartfelt appreciation to the Keynote Speakers & Moderators, namely Dr. Daniel Igor BranovanDr. Roya AzadarmakiDr. Ahmed Mehanna & Dr. Deepak Bhimana, who supported us throughout the event. Also, it would be incomplete without thanking all our expert presenters from all around the world which includes various outside experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating the discussion forums.

With the grand success of previous Head & Neck Surgery conference, Conference Series LLC is proud to announce the “5th Global Summit and Medicare Expo on Head and Neck Surgery" to be held during June 19-20, 2017 at Philadelphia, USA

For More details visit:



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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date June 19-20, 2017

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