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Day 1 :

OMICS International Head & Neck Surgery-2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Daniel Igor Branovan photo

Daniel Igor Branovan is the Founder and President of Project Chernobyl, un-accredited not-for-profit international organization based in New York. He is a US-trained Head and Neck Surgeon and serves as Director and Chair of the New York Ear, Nose and Throat Institute. He has received his Medical training at Stanford University School of Medicine and Harvard University School of Public Health.


Objective: Minimally invasive modality, such radiofrequency (RFA), was reported to be an effective and save option to treat the nodular goiter and can be used to prevent the development of thyroid cancer. Our study aimed to assess the effectiveness of RFA for treatment of thyroid nodules.

Material & Methods: During RFA procedure, thermal energy was delivered through a bipolar applicator with a diameter of 1.3 mm (18-gauge), a shaft length of 102 mm and an active tip length of 10 mm. In total, there were 81 samples of resected thyroid tissue (44 of papillary thyroid carcinoma, 16 of follicular adenoma and 21 of adenomatous colloid goiter).

Results: Primary size in our series of nodules varied from 4.2 to 27.1 mm; accordingly, lesion size fluctuated from 2.2 to 14.1 mm and nodule size reduction changed from 22.4 to 100%. Therefore, in this range of nodules with every additional mm of primary nodule size we detected decreasing of lesion size by 2.4% (p<0.001). In addition, nodule size reduction in papillary thyroid carcinoma was in average, 8% less than in parenchymal or colloid benign thyroid nodules of the same primary size. Microscopic changes varied but shrinkage of follicles, necrotic foci, karyolysis or karyopyknosis of thyrocytes, connective tissue thickening and contracture of blood vessel were usual. RFA effectively induced lesions of similar size as in parenchymal as in colloid nodules. Substantial nodule size reduction was achieved albeit differences in consistency and or malignancy of the thyroid nodules. Multisession approach and call for pre-treatment to increase the electrical conductivity and radio-frequency influence need further consideration.rn